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I know exactly what you’re thinking… “Another blog? Really? The internet is full of them. We don’t need anymore!” But I don’t care. Let me tell you why.

I started this blog for several reasons actually. No, I’m not going to be gushing out my feelings everyday. I hate blogs like that. Honestly, I could care less if anyone reads any of these posts. It’d be nice I suppose, but again that’s not the reason why I started it.

Entry Level Beginnings

I just graduated school with a bachelor’s in Business Information Systems, which is kind of a weird major. It’s too general for anything really, however I kicked my butt into gear and learned some extra stuff in order to do what I wanted. I had an internship at the company I work at now last summer, which thus led to a job thankfully. Officially, I have only been there a little over a month as a full time employee, but the people are great and the work is exactly what I had hoped of doing upon graduating. I am very passionate about the work I do and I often have a lot of pride in what I do. Many of the hobbies I had before learning anything about what I do on a daily basis now were very related to my current position, I just didn’t know I would enjoy it so much.

I took up the position of Web Marketer at WebpageFX, an internet marketing agency in Harrisburg, PA. It’s a cool place and they established my position as the start of a new WebpageFX Marketing department.

What does this have to do with writing? Well, one of my to-dos on a weekly basis is to post on the company’s blog. Another part of my daily work is to create tons of cool content to help generate links and traffic to our website. As I said above, I am very passionate about my work, and I want to be proud of the content I create. My supervisor recommended that it would be a great idea to start writing on a regular basis to keep me fresh in between blog posts and establish my blogging voice.

So, that being said, it is time to start writing.

Writing Topics

I like technology, gadgets and all that jazz, but this is going to be a marketing blog. Anything that won’t make a super awesome post on other blogs I write on will most likely end up here. But it generally will always relate back to marketing. I’ll try my best to stay on topic. I promise.

Past Writings

This isn’t my very first blog post ever. I’ve actually written quite a few things all over the internet. Some early experimental blogging was done in college, but they didn’t turn out to be exactly what I had hoped. With this blog, my hopes are basically non existent. The main point of this is to keep me fresh, not to gain a following.

I have worked on lots of different blogs in the past. Check out some of the other things I have worked on in the past including some of the blog posts I have written:

During my internship, I needed to write some guests posts for some client work. There are a few here and there that ended up being pretty cool. This one in particular was my favorite:

I’ve started other projects here and there. I have also posted several times before on WebpageFX’s blog. Check out some of my favorites:

So in the end, I’m basically just trying to further my passion for writing, blogging, and creating good content, which just so happens to be what I do at work too! If you enjoy this stuff, go ahead and share or let me know on Twitter!




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